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INFORUM COCOA Ltd is the exclusive distributor of the ‘EGH Ingredients’ products in Russia and Kazakhstan.

We offer special ingredients for improving the quality and optimizing the cost of the confectionery and fine bakery products.


Emulsifiers of EGH Ingredients were developed in order to stabilize the emulsion, to improve texture, aeration, dough processing properties, to retard staling of baked products. They are used for sugar confectionery and semi-finished products for chocolate and compounds, cream fillings, soft caramel and toffee, wafers, butter biscuits, gingerbread.


Soy lecithin is used to stabilize the emulsion, texture, reduced viscosity of chocolate and compounds.


Improvers of EGH Ingredients are used for fine bakery and semi-finished products in order to improve the quality of sponge cakes, sweet, shortbread biscuits and oatmeal cakes.


Enzyme preparations for bakery and confectionery products are designed to improve the technological characteristics of the dough and finished baked products, to extend the shelf life of sugar confectionery.

Aeration agents

HYFOAMATM products are aeration agents which are based on hydrolyzed animal and vegetable proteins allow creation of the tender texture in the aerated sugar confectionery, like ‘zefir’, marshmallows, mousse, aerated-center sweets candy, Swiss rolls, in order to develop a unique product. They provide high aeration properties, stable quality, reduce the risk of microbial contamination, they are easy to use.

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